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Lexor presents: The Infinity™

For those salons that are constantly pushing the boundaries of class and elegance.

Keep your clients in awe as they partake in this limitless experience.From the luxurious and high-performing 1Ultraleather®, to the elegant wood trim to the glowing Aurora™ LED Color-Changing Bowl, the Infinity™ boasts exclusive stature that only others dream of.

For further information, please contact sales@lexor.com or call:

(888) 479 – 6916.


-L 53″ x W 31″ x H 56″
-L 74″ when Fully Reclined
-W 47″ Maximum Width of Spa Chair (measured from tray to tray)

-Water Capacity: 4.5 Gallons
-Weight: 200 lbs
-Jet Motor: 120VAC at 85W 60Hz Massage Motors, Seat Sliding & Reclining: 24VDC, 2.5A x 5
-Discharge Pump: Motor – 120V at 85W 60Hz
-Maximum Vertical Lift: 3 ft.
-Flow Rate: 500 GPH @ Floor Level
-Power Source: 115VAC, 60Hz, 15A
-Power needed per Spa Chair: 6 Amps

Pedi Spa Features

-2-Year Limited Warranty
-Includes Classic Curve Pedicure Stool (matching cushion color and adjustable height)
-Fully Functioning Power Seats
-Remote Control (controls seats and massage system)
-Designed Seat with Lumbar and Neck Support
-Comfort Lexor Pillow
-Chrome Accents
-Burlwood Accent
-LED Accent
-Liner Hooks
-Construction: Marble Composite, High Gloss, Acetone-proof Gel Coat
-Foldable Manicure Trays with Removable Cup Holders
-Lift-up Armrest for Easy Access
-Purse/Handbag Hook
-Unbreakable Gel Bowl
-Acetone Resistant Laminated Base and Bowl
-Extendable Water Spray Positioned well above Water Line, Air Gap is Accommodated with Back-flow Prevention
-Industry’s Best Customer Service
-Optional Discharge Pump System

-Infinity™ Pedicure Spa is UL Listed
1Ultraleather® is a Registered Trademark of Ultrafabrics®

Smart Features

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Champagne, Espresso, White Pearl

Infinity Salon Package

Infinity Salon Package

$23,274.00 $17,900.00